Current update

Update 1
Am parked at Mandi for the night. About 120 kms from Manali. The news coming from the mountains is almost exclusively bad. Passes are all closed due to heavy snowfall over the last 72 hours. Rohtang was opened last night and some three four buses stuck in Lahaul Valley were able to make it out of the valley. Over 600 people are still stuck. Am off to Manali tomorrow morning and will see the situation first hand.

I am keeping one difficult alternative open right now. Follow the Raid De Himalaya route. They go from Shimla through Kaza joining Manali Leh highway at Baralachala. Its a very treacherous route but one which has very high probability of working. On a stock bike, it is outright craziness. But the option remains open.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update 2
I seem to have lost my camera’s cord. So I can’t immediately transfer my pics. Will do when I reach a big enough city.

One Response to “Current update”
  1. Sharninder says:

    The shimla-kazaa route goes via kunzum La, so you might want to check up if kunzum La is open. The road joins the manali-leh highway at Gramphoo and from there keylong is a short ride away which is the next proper “town” where you’ll get any accomodation.Read my travelogue if you’re interested.btw, I also heard that baralacha la is also closed to traffic right now, so you might have to confirm that too.

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