Day 32 – Jaisalmer to Nagaur


I haven’t seen the sun at 6 am in like 600 years. And for what do I break this record? A dumb camel ride. This has to be the stupidest idea ever.

My butt hurts and my half asleep system is being jolted to death by the camel’s rocking. And the camel’s handler is egging it on to go faster. My innards are going to fall out. I don’t think my insurance even covers death by shock due to camel ride while still in sleep. Job for today: Check insurance policy.

And there it is. An equally sleepy camel. Like saying – “What’ so friggin’ special. I see it everyday. The sunrise, you know. The sun’s been the same all these years. Idiots.” I nodded in agreement.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

Now, however, I was there and decided to make good use of this momentous event. I saw the brief morning dance of tribal girls.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

… and clicked some perfectly random pictures.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

One hour later back in my tent, I promptly went back to sleep not waking up again till 9.30. As I sipped my tea and went over today’s plans of visiting nearby Longewala, two things struck my mind.

One. I have restriction of getting to Delhi by 22nd. If I stay in Jaisalmer today, I will not make it.
Two. The sprocket is not looking good at all.

This has been one of the hardest calls I have had to make till now. Longewala was one of my hot favourites before the trip even began. But then, you live today so you can fight tomorrow. I could either go to Longewala and jeopardize everything else. Or return to Jaipur. I chose the latter.

What had started out as a bad morning had just turned worse.

The shortest route back to Jaipur is through Nagaur. Its the least exciting way back to Jaipur but one that will make sure I make it in time before the cogs on the sprocket give way and I have to push the bike 200 miles. I travel 150 kilometers back on the same road I came through yesterday and then turn towards Nagaur. There are sporandic incidences of camels blocking the way..

From Earning My Quarter Mile

…and landing up in sand.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

And some self riding shots.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

By evening I am in a hotel in Nagaur trying not to think of this rather unwelcome chain of events.


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