Day 84 – Gudalur to Bangalore

Now here is the problem. I have friends in Bangalore but all of them are working tomorrow. Its a Friday tomorrow so it’s normal. But having been away from it all for this long, it doesn’t exactly come naturally to me. So, yeah, the problem. Since they will all be working till 7 in the evening, getting there any time early means sitting outside their office waiting for it to be over. So I had to leave Gudalur late.

I left at 12.30 in the afternoon. Got completely bored and left. The road went straight into the national park. Forests. Endless forests. Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. Bad roads. Little traffic. Cross over from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka. Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Better roads. Little traffic. Gundlupet.

From Earning My Quarter Mile

Once you reach Mysore, Bangalore becomes a matter of time. Its a beautiful (and crowded) four lane highway. But I hate it. Like most other bikers. There are way too many speedbreakers on that 170 kilometer stretch. Accelerate. Brake. Screeech. Try to avoid hitting hard your shock absorbers on the bumps. Feel like hitting a wall. Gather your senses. Abuse. Accelerate. Repeat.

I was in Bangalore by 7. After roaming around in the city’s rush hour traffic for about an hour, I was in Cunningham Road with a friend of mine. Next few days – get bike back in order, park ass, clean clothes.

One Response to “Day 84 – Gudalur to Bangalore”
  1. Pulsurge says:

    Following your blog and your journey of rediscovery of our great nation called India.Wish you all the best for the journey ahead.

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