Why should this be the end?

A lot of people loved this blog. I never had thought so many would be there. I had started this primarily to keep all my friends updated and so I don’t have to repeat my stories every time. But then, as true friends go, none of them ever checked the page and forced me to repeat the stories which I couldn’t escape.

Anyway, so a lot of people loved this space. And as I see it, there is no reason the journey is going to stop. There will be places to go, things to see, people to meet and stuff to do. So I thought I will continue this blog with all further journeys. Also, I tried my hand at building a site and realized that all the bunkum about anyone-can-build-a-site is a just that – bunkum. After wasting about 2 weeks on that, I gave up and returned here.

So a few changes. The sub-head is changed. Some things are added. Some widgets. Got it registered on Indiblogger.com. Also added a blogroll of the bikers who blog. All from BikeNomads. Well at least now. There’s also a widget for joining BN. So go ahead guys.


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