Bullet-isms. Rajni-isthlye.

Just came across this on another blog by another RE enthusiast (though he deserves another adjective!). Find original post here.

My favourite ones:

2. There is no theory of motorbike revolution. Just a list of jap-crap that the BULLET has allowed to live.

10. Riding Bullets on Beachsides has been banned. The tsunamis were killing people.

Now that’s the craziness about Bulls. Find me a guy who is as crazy about their steed if you can. That don’t happen, stupid.

One Response to “Bullet-isms. Rajni-isthlye.”
  1. Pulsurge says:

    No comments…if I open my mouth, I know you’ll murder me and throw my body into the Palm beach creek only to be found after 3 days….LOL

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