Bike Ride

Riding the bike, his heart was tingling every time her breasts touched his back. She had looked stunning in the white dress that night. She had smiled seductively towards him all through the party.

She was sliding her hand over his shoulder trying to get some support. He had introduced himself and she had taken an immediate liking to him. They had similar backgrounds and thoughts. It was all working out.

She was holding him with both hands and was leaning into him. She had told him all about herself. She had told him how she had had a life threatening accident. She had told him of her first crush. She had told him of heartbreak.

She put her head on his shoulder and he could feel her breath on his shoulder. He had been completely mesmerized with her. He took in her body and drank her eyes. He had sat there talking to her long after the last drink had been served. He had offered her a ride back and she gladly accepted.

She was extending two fingers into his shirt and was gently caressing his chest with her long red painted nails. They had walked out of the party together. His heart was pounding as he thought of what else could happen that night.

She was tightening her embrace beyond comfort and her nails were digging into his chest. He had ridden like a gentleman through the empty midnight streets. She had been quite reluctant to get close to him. Against his prayers, she hadn’t asked him up when he dropped her home and he had been left alone on the empty street.

He felt his shirt getting wet and heard a rib breaking. He froze.


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