In A Flash

The clock has sped through the hours
Through times of laughter and despair
I open my eyes in a different world
The journey between the old and new, lost.

Words used to flow thick and fast
Like a free, gurgling brook in the mountains
Seems to have hit a block
Lost the speed, lost the nomad in it.

Like a child ready to explore
It knew no bounds
Now it defines boundaries, thinks of limits
Knows not the world’s all the same.

Where’s the innocence gone?
Blown away in the winds of time?
Is this growing up?
Oh, I miss the kid of my life, past.

2 Responses to “In A Flash”
  1. The Pack says:

    šŸ™‚ Me too!!

  2. Sanchari says:

    very well written Abhimanyu

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