Honesty and all that…

These kids on blogosphere didn’t have enough putting themselves online. Now they want to start a family. They want to be my wife, girlfriend and mother all at once. They want me to be honest. Honest about stuff that people don’t know. Honest about myself. Ummm… let me think. The last time I was completely honest was when I was in kindergarten and the teacher asked, “Did you do the maths homework? Yes… you… yourself.” (Yeah, she had funny grammar). And I said no. Whack! Three raps on the hand. Next time I just stole my neighbour’s homework.

Plus, Deepak got my name wrong. Ass.

So 10 things about me. Well what the heck. IN THE REVERSE ORDER.

  1. The longest I have not taken a bath is 32 days. No one gave a rat’s ass since it was a boy’s hostel and on the lower end of the ‘not-taking-bath’ scale.
  2. I hate cockroaches. The worst part of them is that they are going to survive a nuclear holocaust and I won’t. How can that ugly wriggly creature survive when I die a horrible death. Also, I’m afraid of them. I can take on lions but will run away from cockroaches.
  3. I didn’t get a shaved head. I shaved it for personal reasons and it never grew back. Some people actually think it is cool. They are schizophrenic and should be put away for good.
  4. I actually like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. I mean I really do.

  5. In my life, I have eaten chicken, goat, sheep, pig, cow, buffalo, fishes, lobsters, prawns, horse, ox, mule, squid, octopus, ostrich, kangaroo, grasshopper, snake blood and what I suspected to be a rat. I didn’t like the rat too much.
  6. I love rain. I think I will love snowfall more. But I haven’t yet seen snowfall.
  7. In total, I have see Die Hard (the first one) 28 times. Needless to say Die Hard is one of my favourites. The other one being, of course, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.
  8. I’ve fallen in love with women of all types, ages, marital status and online status. I have actually loved only 2.
  9. I have the attention span of a 6 month old.
  10. The current biggest mystery of my life is who took the nice paper boat stuck on top of my Mac at office. Someone’s going to get a hurt real bad.

Okay. Now it is the stupidest part of the exercise. Tagging. Anyone? Raise your hands please. Hmmm… no one. So here are the unfortunate souls.

My dear friend, Bourbon Legend

The sweetest and most honest person I personally know, Kokil.

Good ol’ Thakur Saab.

Don’t know when she will access internet the next time or care about all this crap. Chandni.

So there it is. Cleansed my soul. Now back to work. Damn, is that snow…..Whoa!
Nah. Just some stupid cotton.

5 Responses to “Honesty and all that…”
  1. The Pack says:

    🙂 Dude! I have rectified the mistake…and Well Done! Gud Work! 😉

  2. Ko says:

    uffo ji! grumble grumble. thenks for the trouble. and oh ji i am as chant as the next person ji!*thinking up harmless truths to share

  3. Wanderlust says:

    Having known the bourbon legend for a really really long time.. I can assure you he will write a hundred.;)

  4. sleeep waaaalkerTwisted by the Dark Side young Sleepwalker has become.Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.Much to learn you still have…my old padawan.” … “This is just the beginning!~ don’t you think sleepwalker sounds like skywalker

  5. Chandni says:

    Yeehaha this made for good reading. People are stealing paper boats now? What is the world coming to? I got back to find someone had stolen my entire computer. Ha.

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