From The Land Of The Rising Sun – Landscapes

5 Responses to “From The Land Of The Rising Sun – Landscapes”
  1. Chandni says:

    aha I can see you’ve been to Tobgyal’s house and Madhuri Lake 🙂 I missing Tawang. We went to Khardungla and Chang la this time but nothing beats Sela pass for me.

  2. Sleepwalker says:

    hmmmm … Sela is beautiful indeed. Khardungla n Changla dont come in close in beauty. But Khardungla is pilgrimage for bikers. so dont say anything abt it.u didnt go to Baralachala? methinks thats the best pass in ladakh.

  3. hi..m sorry to write in a strangr comment..but d pic of defoersted land was disturbin..wats d story?

  4. Sleepwalker says:

    @Arpita… glad you noticed. it is more disturbing when you see the extent of it. firewood is the primary and almost the only source of fuel for kitchens and heating across Arunachal. every house you visit even in the town (Tawang) have a stack of firewood. much like we keep a gas cylinder. this firewood comes from the nearby forests. the pic u see is on the road to Damteng, a far outpost near the Chinese border. its the mountain opposite the one Tawang is located on. this is the place where most of Tawang’s firewood comes from. its heartbreaking.

  5. m glad u replied..but i sumhow cannot digest d fact that acres of land are being deforestd for d sake of only domestic use..even if woodcuttin is an occupation there, doesnt it seem that the ratio of use: devorestation is swekd..

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