The Wonder Years

Sometimes we come across an old photograph and talk, laugh or cry for hours with friends thinking about the background of it. I ended up finding a whole bunch of photographs. And I didn’t have any friends close to me since it was 3.45 in the morning and my flatmate was sleeping and when he sleeps, everyone keeps their distance. No one wakes a sleeping tiger. Actually he is more like a greyhound but that’s not the point here really.
Two years at IIM Calcutta was the most amazing time I have spent yet. It was rigorous and yet like a holiday. I have met some of my closest friends there. I have some of my strongest memories from there. All the places, all the things, all the people are still etched very clearly in my head.

It was a very serious institution. We tackled issues that no one dared to touch.

Sometimes we studied hard.

Sometimes we even conducted scientific experiments.

But mostly we just posed.

And we partied harder.

You would wonder how did we ever manage to pass with so much posing and partying. Well so did we.

The solution was simple. The moment exams came, we started praying to the appropriate Gods.

We did graduate though.

But we kept wondering how on earth did we do it.

We had the best sunrise in the world.

Sometimes the heat got to us.

But we knew how to cool off.

When the time came, we packed up and left to conquer distant lands.

And we celebrated everything. Birthdays. Neighbour’s birthday. Exam success. Exam failure. Sporting success. Sporting failure. Diwali. Holi. New Years. Especially birthdays.

Sometimes there were differences.

But they always ended up in laughter.

Sure, there were freaks.

But mostly it was lovely place. Filled with amazing people.

For those two years, it was home. Our home.

14 Responses to “The Wonder Years”
  1. Vidhu says:

    Nice work… :-)… do min laga ki mar li hai tuen meri.. par phir baki dekha to it wa liek chalo thik hai ;-)Tho I am still fuming at teh wingies who took that pic…

  2. swetha says:

    awesome dude. well done.

  3. Yatnesh says:

    Good collection.. especially some of them were insightful ;)….

  4. young padawan. you have outdone yourself.collect your jedi certificate on the way out.

  5. d gypsy! says:

    wow… very sweetly done…i was laughin all the way and missin my frnds and moments…:) tc

  6. Ko says:

    is this why it's called IIM-Chill?

  7. Sleepwalker says:

    @Vidhu, Yatesh, Bourbon Legend: You guys all know the stories behind the photos. Let those stories remain hidden.@Swetha: Thanku thanku@Gypsy: Glad I made you laugh :-O@Ko: We say if you want a career, go read the B-School rankings. If you want a life, come to IIM C.

  8. raven says:

    Who's the one in #2? Other than V, ofcourse.And better remove #16 & #23 or I shall utilise my right to sue for image rights!Btw, do you have more photos of that trip to Oly? Mail 'em over 🙂

  9. Sleepwalker says:

    @raven: other than V, there is RS of Santino fame ;)as for pics 16 & 23, i lose count after fingers on my hand get over. so go ahead sue me. i got lawyers all over the country. i was a banker, remember?oly photos, there should be a couple. lemme fish them out and send.

  10. Vidhu says:

    Ha Ha lol Sleepwalker, Raven… Wo mara .. that is not RS….. guess karo kaun hai 🙂

  11. raven says:

    NS of David & Goliath fame?

  12. Vidhu says:

    @Raven.. sabash… identifying girls from back is def ur forte… Sleepwalker doesnt even comes close 😀

  13. Varun says:

    In One Word – Machaandozz!!

  14. Very nice! Brought back my own memories of the place, but I lived in pre-digicam days!

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