Of Penguins And Professions

They say change is inevitable. So I succumbed. And I am not talking just about the blog’s look and feel.
About 9 months back, I embarked on a journey which happened to be called Earning My Quarter Mile. That journey has been long over in form but in effect continues unabated. My life has changed irrevocably. I am not the same person anymore. Then more things changed.
I moved to Delhi in search of nirvana. And chacha ke chole. And the mountains. My wish was granted. For four months, I did things I never thought I would do. I stayed a month or so in Arunachal Pradesh in close proximity to the people. I saw things in a whole different light. I felt different. I thought this may be the answer I was looking for. Turns out, it wasn’t.
So four months after I joined Pragya, I quit it because I did not think the way things were being done was the right one. I had come out of a compromise to be here. There was no way I was going to compromise again. So that was that.
But Pragya meant more to me than a job. I felt proud. I felt satisfied. I met people of all sorts. And I found love.
Then another first of my life happened.
As I felt rather reluctant to look for another ‘job’, I ended up at a firm which seemed to be doing just the sort of thing I wanted and had just the sort of people I hoped. Development Alternatives. I met one man who has made me think more in 2 hours with him than I have in years together.
You are not looking for a job
He summarily concluded about my case. And that was the first line he spoke. Pretty funny how some people can just look at you and read you like an open book with large font. Over the next 2 hours, he quizzed, poked, cajoled and nudged me into telling him details of my life that I have never mentioned to even friends or family, let alone someone I have just met across an interview table. It was like I was talking to my shrink. I was telling this guy about why I made the choices I made, who my role models were and what I was trying to prove with the things I say and do. He read my mind.
George was the first interviewer who said to me
I like you and I would love you to join the firm but I don’t think you should.
It was the most honest anyone has ever been to me. It was the most honest I had ever been to anyone. I didn’t join DA.
What I did do however, was engage with them as a freelance advisor on a project with them. Considering this was a rather important assignment and allowed me to look threadbare into the working of the organization, I lapped it up. All of a sudden, I was an Independent Financial Consultant. This was begining to look cool!
Then reality hit home. Silently. Without footsteps. Seems it bought Hush Puppies. For the second time in my life, I was getting close to being bankrupt. And I wasn’t edging towards it, I was rushing. Its a humbling thought. The fact that you have been through it once doesn’t make it any easier.
So here I am. Independently employed. Broke. In a city I don’t really like. And hopelessly in love. This just keeps getting interesting.
7 Responses to “Of Penguins And Professions”
  1. Hello sleepwalker. You don't know me, let me introduce myself. I am Kumar Chitrang and about six months ago when I had set out on a little journey of my own (in the same city that I don't really like either) I was suggested by a friend, your blog – Earning My Quarter Mile. Since then, in my solitary moments, every now and then I have fallen back to your blog for one reason or another. But mostly because it is comforting to realise that you're not the only one trying to walk an unbeaten path.I'm pursuing a career in film-making, yet I wish somehow that I'll be able to do good work while staying away from mainstream cinema. That is my nonsensical dream which makes a lot of sense to me. I'm a lot younger to you and a fellow blogger. You can find me at:http://kumarchitrang-concern.blogspot.comGood day sleepwalker. I appreciate what you write. Keep them posts coming.

  2. Ko says:

    goochi-goo.things are falling into place.. money, too, will trickle inkeep the faith

  3. The Pack says:

    Boy! Awesome! Things are really getting interesting…i have always loved and admired your perspective…about anything..and I am loving it…even today!!And you are having admirers too…Cool!!

  4. Paritosh says:

    Hey…Well, if u find a job that interests you then there is no greater fun in life than that. The rest of us just go to office to work.BTW you have been tagged. Check out this link on my blog:http://fictionandlife.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-have-been-tagged.html

  5. CMT says:

    man… you have been an inspiration to many..including me… don't get so bothered about money… it will come when you need… not a big deal… hum log kab kaam aayenge yaar…

  6. Sleepwalker says:

    @Deepak, CMT: Guys, without the two of you, I would be lost. Hum honge kamyab indeed.@Ko: Someday… someday for sure… I will be seeing your angel face.@Paritosh: Got the tag. Tried once. Got bored. Will try again.@Chitrang: Went through your stuff man. Some good stuff. Will go through at leisure. Keep going man.

  7. Stargazer says:

    After meeting you last weekend, I realized you are still human. Although different and better than the normal ones in many ways but human at the core. Man please straighten out your brains before its too late. I don't look up to you neither your blogs give me comfort anymore. Wake up and just do what you want to do and if there are constraints then do what you need to do to overcome those constratints.

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