Back From The Dead

It got very cold as the overhead blower kept spewing a chilly breeze despite it being no more than 10 degrees outside. And I let it go on. The breeze forced my eyes shut which had no sleep in them despite this being the last flight out of Delhi on a Sunday night. My eyes began to float.
Over 4 months back, I left Delhi on similar flight (much warmer then, though) and went back to the jungle I had once run away from. Whatever the reasons, it was a giant step. Backwards. One that sometimes you have to take. Step back, regroup and prepare for the next battle. Or something like that. I would silently sulk for the next 2 years till I make it out again.
I stopped writing when I thought it was all over. And then I thought that I shouldn’t think so much. And so, I am back. With a whimper.

Neemrana, Rajasthan (September 2, 2009)

Dapoli, Maharashtra (January 25/26, 2010)

Thank you everyone who came on and asked me to keep writing.

2 Responses to “Back From The Dead”
  1. kanchuu says:

    hey dude!Nice rideWe 10 bikers from Nepal are planning a ride. Kathmandu-Silghuri-Calcutta-Kanyakumari-Mumbai-Delhi-Mahendranagar-Kathmandu.Can you help me to detail the itinerary?Regards,

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