Surreal Spiti September

So I am going to Spiti Valley. In September. That shaded region in the map with the black lines showing approximate route taken to get there. Apparently its a very beautiful place.

It seems I will have to cross a Jalori Pass. And Rohtang Pass. And Kunjum Pass. And Baralacha Pass. Also, it seems I will have to visit some nice place called Losar. And Dhankar. And Nako. And some others.

Things to do:

  1. Decide date. Done. (Eyes closed, put finger somewhere on calendar)
  2. Resign from work. Done. (Lot’s of prior experience there)
  3. Ask some Bullet Dude if he wants to come. Done. (Not much to ask there)
  4. Draw route map. Done. (See above)
  5. Decide packing list. Ok… Bike, clothes, alcohol, tent. Done.
  6. Wait for a month. Shit.

So now the big question is – Do I ride from Bombay to Delhi?


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