New Targets In Life

Life is made worth living once you have something to look forward to. Yes, you have your twist and turns and you jump around and lose your mind and whack your own ass (yes, people do that) when things don’t go your way but then that’s the fun part about life. Anyway, much gyan happened.
So, as I was saying, I have found myself some new targets in life.
Do you remember this guy?

If you don’t, go find a peaceful spot far away from civilization and die (and delete me from your friend list on Facebook). If you do, refresh your memories. That’s me. In some time. I can’t say how much time because I am not allowed to.
I am going to be godfather to the first born of a very dear friend. It does not give me great hope, mind you, given that they took over 7 years to get to the altar. But I am told there are many shortcuts from the altar to the cradle. In any case, you cannot hurry the matters of the family. Its the most important thing in life. All I can say is the kid is going to have one hell of a time in life with a godfather so awesome like me.
As my first gift to the kid, I will be in training from this day on till his or her (I hope its a boy. Girls don’t understand why godfather is so awesome) first birthday where I will come dressed as Marlon Brando and deliver the speech Marlon Brando gave in the above video. And some more. Till someone calls the cops. So brace yourselves.
I have decided to dedicate my life to surfing. No, not the internet, dimwitted trolls. Surf boarding. And I have our happy friend from far away France, Maxime Charmand (or was it Marchand, I cannot remember) to thank. He shared this video which inspired me to leave everything and hit the water. Unfortunately, I live in New Delhi and there is a serious water shortage here. I will have to wait till the supply resumes. Or hit the Yamuna. I think I’ll wait.

Seriously, take a look.

Oh, yeah! That is already in my bucket list.

Well, that’s for another day.



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