The Last Few Days…

A lot of people ask me why I went to Ramlila Maidan.

Why was I there?

There were more than enough reasons not to. There were questions and doubts about what will come out of the whole show. There were questions about whether this was the right way of doing things. There were questions about people’s morality. There were questions about people’s intelligence and whether they even knew what they were doing. There were doomsday predictions of the country going down the dark path towards complete anarchy.

Then there was the question of what my participation could possibly do? I am one slightly overweight, extremely lazy, overeducated fool devoid of any interest in things around him. What on earth could one completely dispensable character like me add to this movement?

Why was I there?

I did not go there for the TV cameras. In fact, I ran away from them. I did not think we were holding the country to ransom. I did not think that one law was going to change the country. Yes, I have paid bribes in the past. And no, I do not think that nothing will come out of it.

Why was I there?

I went there because this was the first time something hit my conscience.

I went because this was the first chance I got at redemption. I went because this was the first time I was not alone in the fight. I went because after 30 years walking around aimlessly around people who stoop for anything, there was someone who stood for something. I went because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to look myself in the eye.

I did not go there to win. I went there to fight.

I did not go spend days and nights there for Anna Hazare. Or his team. Or for the betterment of the nation. I did not go there to prove anything to anyone. I am not a social reformer. I am not an idealist.

I went there because when I stood there in the crowd of thousands, I was Anna. I was the clueless child looking with wide open eyes at a world it has never seen. I was the policeman standing watch. I was the exasperated old man begging for his pension. I was the paan chewing clerk unwilling to do his job. I was the journalist reporting the extraordinary turn of events. I was the critic saying this is a waste of time. I was everything we hated to become and yet have turned out exactly that way.

I went there because I was revolting against myself.

I don’t know about the rest of the country and the teeming billions it holds. I don’t know about Anna and his team. I don’t know about the government.

I just know that I am not the same person I was before the moment I stood in that muddy ground looking up at that frail 80 year old drinking water and honey. Something cracked that morning, never to be mended again.

Why was I there?

Because I just had to.

24 Responses to “The Last Few Days…”
  1. ahha ! you had given words to my inner core…please give me your fb adress need to talk with you lot to ask..! please

  2. Pritish says:

    Masterfully crafted. Reading your words, actually triggers the guilt in a person that why was he or she not there. I felt it. Although I desperately wanted to be there like you, I couldn’t do so due to my pre-occupation in Middle East. However, I tried my best on the web to give the support in every which way. This is the first time aam janta were in protest all over India without any political affiliation or ambition and without being paid to hold the flag high.

    The millions had to.

  3. Unic Man says:

    Exact same… Its good to know that I wasn’t the only one BUT there were 32 others same!

    I perticularly empathise last two “why”s about resolt and I had too.

    Excellent and thanks! No one could have penned it better!

  4. Unic Man says:

    Plz read resolt as revolt. And it was for attending the IAC events.

  5. Neha says:

    Well-written..It is people you & me who made it possible!!

  6. Kenelm Lopes says:

    Fantastic reading. With your permission would like to share this on mailing groups !

  7. Vishal Arora says:

    This article resounds in me, and i find myself identifying with it. I am Anna. Had I half a chance, I would have been there physically, though that does not matter, because i was there, in spirit, in feeling, in force.
    Thank you.

  8. Anil Rana says:

    i am from chandigarh but cant hold back myself as my heart always scold me act and dont be a spectator on the sidelines. seing a man of 74 years fasting didnt let me eat, every bite was pinching the conscinece. so spent last three days with anna and company in ramlila maidan from friday to sunday. wept a lot when i saw anna ji for the first time on friday evening as he epitomizes the live for nation and principles and still there are people exist on this earth who questions him.

  9. Praveen says:

    You have expressed very beautifully the feelings that resonate with me and perhaps with millions of Indians. Thank you!

  10. umesh says:

    Thanks for putting words to the exact same thought in me.


  11. Krishna says:

    Even I felt some what the same! Good post.

  12. Pankaj Jakhmola says:

    Yeah truly said, the voice of conscience. It is the sacrifice of Shri Anna Hazare that let not only you but thousand of others who came there as support for the man of nation.

    Long Live Anna Hazare.

  13. So beautifully written.. It brought tears in my eyes… Thanx

  14. well said.
    it was a moving experience.

  15. A very touching piece of writing – couldn’t have been expressed in better words. This is the state of mind of every Indian today. Wish you more such inspirations in life. Our movement shall succeed as long as we don’t pay heed to separatist forces. Stay in touch….

  16. Thanks everyone. There are those moments when words come out from the depths of the heart. This was one of those moments.

  17. rishi says:

    glad to hear yur physical participation… i understand that does not end there itself …

  18. Chandni says:

    I like the way you articulate your reasons. When it makes this much sense to do something, the only thing left to do is do it! Nice post : )

  19. Amar says:

    u hav written ur heart out… Beautifully written… Thats the point, every person should be responsible in their own actions.. N the problem gets sorted, automatically.

  20. SGupta says:

    I was there at Ram Lila ground as well as at India Gate on the last evening for celebration. My office is 5KM from Ram Lila. Something inside me will become impatient if Twitter announced some event close by e.g. protest march outside BJP office which is even closer. I immediately called my car and became part of this event. It was such a grand feeling in the evening when all the people were simply celebrating at India Gate. Kids in my housing society will come asking “uncle come downstairs for candle march if I am against corruption”. It was just so grand

  21. tamatar says:

    making a poetry of a defined movement. Everybody went there for a specific reason and everyone knows what.. but romantising it is good as far as you still keep the idea intact, here you dont..

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