Rewari Steam Loco Shed, A Photo Essay

The morning of March 3, 2012 Seven motorcyclists met for breakfast at Manesar Five proceeded to Rewari Railway Station, 90 kms from New Delhi                         Advertisements

All For A Bath In The Summer

Picture courtesy: Kamlesh Sanwal The fact the above was the only picture we clicked on the last ride we had gone on should tell you enough why there was no story about the same here. There are those times when you feel like strangling someone but don’t because you are too darn sweaty from the … Continue reading

Streaking lights racing past

A little while back, I wrote this for the BikeNomads 2009 calendar. Well, this among other things. …The evening birds match chords with my thump. The neon lights of the city become blurry lines as I enter the encroaching dark of the highway. The earth is my bed, the sky is my roof… When I … Continue reading

Tomrrow We Ride

Bike Nomads Mumbai meets tomorrow near Karnala. This is the first time Mumbai guys are meeting since I joined the group in late June last year. Promises to be fun. Plan is to have dinner at the dhaba. Hopefully there will be fresh chicken. In all 14 riders are confirmed. Show of force is in … Continue reading

Calendar handover ride

Early morning on a Sunday and I am already ripping on the NH4 towards Lonavala. Its funny how a lazy bone like me who would rather cut his right hand off and feed it to a dog than wake up early in the morning would get up and be in a town a 100 kilometers … Continue reading

BN Calendars are out!

Well, we have finally done it. The calendars are out. And they look absolutely awesome. Very very professional job. And lovely pictures. Take a look. In case anyone out there is interested, let me know. I will see if I can arrange one for you. All pictures, courtesy Capt. Nandu Chitnis.