Sleeping with eyes open

Original photo attributed to Sakurako Kitsa. Find it here. Do the fish ever get bored of swimming around in their little fish tank? Advertisements

Ye hai Dilli meri jaan

Frosty is on its way home. Aboard a nice train from Udaipur, it is racing now towards Delhi. It needs an urgent heart transplant. The doctor is ready. Hopefully a spare heart will be here by the time Frosty arrives. Its been a long painful time for her. Brother’s Pulsar180 just doesn’t cut it. Too … Continue reading

Maximum City. Sleepless City. Twilight City. My City.

I used to be a vegetarian. And not just any vegetarian. I was a staunch, unmovebale, People for Animals card-carrying, Maneka Gandhi loyal vegetarian. I have saved cats from being made homeless. I have stopped buffaloes from being slaughtered. That level of vegetarian. I ate veg-ala-Kiev (try it. call me if you are still alive … Continue reading

An Ode To My Curly Twirly Twisty Friend

Hunger in my growling stomach calls to youO my curly twirly twisty friendYou have kept me running like newWhether it snowed or it rained. I fear not the jungle or the desertI fear not the hills by the seaI fear not the cold loghut‘Coz I know you will always stand by me. When civilization stops, … Continue reading