Rewari Steam Loco Shed, A Photo Essay

The morning of March 3, 2012 Seven motorcyclists met for breakfast at Manesar Five proceeded to Rewari Railway Station, 90 kms from New Delhi                         Advertisements

Then it got worse…

The signs were all there. I just chose to ignore all of them. I had just decided to go on a roadtrip to the most inhospitable of all Himalayan regions with two city slickers who wouldn’t sleep on some sticky pillows if their life depended on it. I just didn’t see it coming. Saturday 5.30 … Continue reading

Of Misty Skies, Child Sadhus & 200 km Traffic Jams

[Earning My Quarter Mile] Rainbow at Lansdowne

So what if the journey back home was a nightmare I saw with open eyes. So what if the stink in me did not go away for a week. So what if I ended up getting scammed by a God-man even after I did everything to help him. So what if Tip-in Point was fogged … Continue reading

Day. Weeks. Months.

This is enough. 6 months and not a single trip. Its a shame.

Surreal Spiti September

So I am going to Spiti Valley. In September. That shaded region in the map with the black lines showing approximate route taken to get there. Apparently its a very beautiful place. It seems I will have to cross a Jalori Pass. And Rohtang Pass. And Kunjum Pass. And Baralacha Pass. Also, it seems I … Continue reading

Monsoon Again

So long that I have been out on the road. So long that I have felt alive. So long that I was stuck within the confines of my house and the office. So I left. Hitting the highway felt liberating. Dark clouds ominously lined the horizon. But there was no fear, there was anticipation. We … Continue reading

Whistling To The Dolphins

Its been a while since I rode any longer than the distance from my house to my office which frankly is not much anyway. So when the Republic Day ride came about, I left everything behind. RM-X was happening on the same weekend but after a rather non-dramatic meeting with the Inddiethumpers, I decided I … Continue reading

Back From The Dead

It got very cold as the overhead blower kept spewing a chilly breeze despite it being no more than 10 degrees outside. And I let it go on. The breeze forced my eyes shut which had no sleep in them despite this being the last flight out of Delhi on a Sunday night. My eyes … Continue reading