Bitter Pill

[Earning My Quarter Mile] Key learning from life

There are a lot of romantic stories about entrepreneurship which have sprung up over the last decade. Things have started working out for people. The success stories keep you pumped up in hope of that elusive finish line. Despite everything, most entrepreneurs believe, and very strongly, that eventually things will work out. What no one … Continue reading

The Last Few Days…

Anna Hazare Protest at Ramlila Maidan

A lot of people ask me why I went to Ramlila Maidan. Why was I there? There were more than enough reasons not to. There were questions and doubts about what will come out of the whole show. There were questions about whether this was the right way of doing things. There were questions about … Continue reading

Born Again. Died Again.

How many mistakes is a man allowed in a lifetime? I think I may have made one more. Every time I look at the mirror, I see an unknown face. Eyes closed. Hands wrung. Wrinkles on its forehead. Look of dejection in the lines running down from his lips to his chin. “Is that me?”, … Continue reading

Going Away

The clouds are coming The ground turning dark I have but few places to hide My shelter tattered The scene is reminiscent We have been here before But we survived You and I Those laughing afternoons The lonely evenings Nights of shadowy calm The pregnant mornings Searching my trembling hand For that lucky line With … Continue reading

Does Profession Kill Passion?

We all like to say it. If you want to live happily, make your passion you profession. But does it actually work? So I sat down the other day and wondered a little. I started Copper Sky Journeys a few months back with a little thought that being in the travel business would naturally mean … Continue reading

What A Time It Was!

Paradise Lost

[Pictures courtesy Sify News, IANS, Reuters, The Hindu] Tragedy has struck in paradise. Ladakh is under massive mudslides after heavy rains from a cloudburst. Heaven has been turned into a war zone. I have been to Ladakh only once. But anyone who has been there even once will tell you that place creates a very … Continue reading

जूते कहाँ उतारे थे

छोटी छोटी छित्रायीं यादेंबिछी हुई हैं लम्हों की लवण परनंगे पैर उनपर चलते चलतेइतनी दूर आ गए हैंकी अब भूल गएजूते कहाँ उतारे थे