New Targets In Life

Life is made worth living once you have something to look forward to. Yes, you have your twist and turns and you jump around and lose your mind and whack your own ass (yes, people do that) when things don’t go your way but then that’s the fun part about life. Anyway, much gyan happened. … Continue reading

#97 Ride Alone Across The Country

Well, this was the first thing I did. Even before I started thinking of the bucket. If you want to know more about it, go through this blog’s archives.

The Bucket List

To be constantly updated as we discover more of this world…

#98 Learn Skiing

Okay granted it was only alpine skis. Also granted that the kids there kicked our asses royally. Also granted that speed was not one of the talking points at the end of the session. But I did learn. I can stand on skis. I can glide down slopes. I can turn. I can avoid obstacles. … Continue reading

#99 Get A Tattoo

Its one of those things that fascinates all of us but few of us get around to doing it. The thought of knowingly put one’s body under the needle so someone can prick out a sketch on your skin is rather painful, if you ask me. Yet, I did it.

The Bucket List (prologue)

Since I am a prompt person, I decided to create a bucket list of things to do, places to visit and experiences to experience right after my last post half an hour ago. The list is far from ready. In fact, it contains only one entry right now but it will get there. To make … Continue reading