New Targets In Life

Life is made worth living once you have something to look forward to. Yes, you have your twist and turns and you jump around and lose your mind and whack your own ass (yes, people do that) when things don’t go your way but then that’s the fun part about life. Anyway, much gyan happened. … Continue reading

Paradise Lost

[Pictures courtesy Sify News, IANS, Reuters, The Hindu] Tragedy has struck in paradise. Ladakh is under massive mudslides after heavy rains from a cloudburst. Heaven has been turned into a war zone. I have been to Ladakh only once. But anyone who has been there even once will tell you that place creates a very … Continue reading

From The Land Of The Rising Sun: Travels

……. One place which is a must visit is Zemithang and onwards to Neyla and the Bhutan border. Zemithang is King Kong territory with majestic cliffs towering over the quaint little town. Fog & clouds hang over the cliffs and nearby river in perpetuity as if in a scene from an Amazon jungle movie. Surrounded … Continue reading

From The Land Of The Rising Sun: First Words

His prematurely grey hair had hardened with the harsh cold winds he faced for the last forty five summers. His left eye had a patch of white and his face was full of wrinkles telling tales of people and places no one else had seen A large stud on one of his ears stood out … Continue reading


There are some moments in life that leave you completely speechless. No thoughts. No musings. Just an absolute emptiness which can’t defined. Something like that happened today. And reminded me of something that had happened to me a few years earlier. TodayHe had crossed by my cubicle a little while back. About 65 – 70 … Continue reading