These Are The Days

Some days are just not yours. You have to accept defeat and hope you have energy left to handle it when the sun rises again. These are the days when you wait half a day for someone to arrive only to discover they will arrive not before your are at wits’ end. These are the … Continue reading

What we say makes us what we are – Bankers

Ordinary mortals like you think investment bankers get paid for creating suicidal structures, putting your money at risk, making money off it and doing pretty much nothing about it when it crashes. NO. Banking is about knowing what is being said. Banking is about knowing what to do when you understand what is being said. … Continue reading

From The Land Of The Rising Sun: Travels

……. One place which is a must visit is Zemithang and onwards to Neyla and the Bhutan border. Zemithang is King Kong territory with majestic cliffs towering over the quaint little town. Fog & clouds hang over the cliffs and nearby river in perpetuity as if in a scene from an Amazon jungle movie. Surrounded … Continue reading

From The Land Of The Rising Sun: First Words

His prematurely grey hair had hardened with the harsh cold winds he faced for the last forty five summers. His left eye had a patch of white and his face was full of wrinkles telling tales of people and places no one else had seen A large stud on one of his ears stood out … Continue reading

Into The Rising Sun

It is among the last remaining unexplored bastions of virgin nature in India. It is among those few places which still hasn’t found its place on the map. It is one of the most intriguing places left. And yet. It is a place most know nothing about even though its a part of India. Its … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

My colleague Rinchen thinks my name is too difficult to pronounce. So she decided to call me Himanshu. No reason. Just a name that is not too difficult to pronounce. Finding it too difficult to digest, I have started calling her Radha. No reason. Names are funny. I once knew someone called Minty. She was … Continue reading

Are we asking the real questions?

The social development sector is a surprisingly easy and a frighteningly difficult to handle. Numerous theories and not exactly well trained implementation people. And the theories quite often remain cut off from the truth on the ground requiring extensive process innovation at every level. While in a way that is the essence of social development … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Schedule

The Wall Street Pink Slip Party between Lexington and 3rd. Join me if you have been shown the door.