What A Time It Was!


A li’l bit of reminiscing

Came across this folder of some pics from the Rajasthan leg of my India Trip earlier. Got really really lost. The BuggerI met this guy at Nawa village somewhere near the Punjab – Rajasthan border. Wierdest guy I have met in a while. Met him when I stopped to ask direction to the Sambar Lake … Continue reading

The aftermath

In her rather heart-warming and oft read commencement address (full article) for Harvard’s Class of 2008, J K Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, says: …many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have … Continue reading

End of a journey. Begining of a life.

I have had out of body experiences before. Like the time when I 8 and was carried out of the house by my dad when an earthquake had hit. Or the time when I was coming back from that deserted island in Andamans in the middle of the night and 10 feet high waves. Or … Continue reading

Day (and Night) 94 – Bangalore to Mumbai

Good things have this strange habit. They come to an end. Every time. I guess that what makes them special. That, however, was the last thought on my mind when I left Bangalore today for Mangalore. The plan was simple. Since I had spent 9 days in Bangalore, I needed to reach Mumbai quicker than … Continue reading

Day 93 – Nandi Hills (near Bangalore)

As we woke up to today’s bright and sunny morning at the early hour of noon, we thought – Let’s make ourselves useful. Krishna is the sort of person who can help you make yourself useful but you need to sort of tell him the way. So I said Nandi Hills. The road is peaceful. … Continue reading

Day 91 & 92 – Still Bangalore. Yawn!

Good friends are like parents. Once you reach home, they pain you till you get frustrated enough not to discuss it anymore and agree to stay the extra day. For 10 days in a row. I think the similarities between friends and parents end there but then, that is not important here. What is important … Continue reading

Day 89 & 90 – (Still at) Bangalore

Ok, let me say this first. The ride ain’t over yet. The ride started in Mumbai and it will end in Mumbai. I am as close to the 90 day estimate I had with me when I started off. Going broke was an event I had already foreseen. I am just thankful it happened here … Continue reading